Soul Frequency

Spiritual healing for your horse with your horse's soul message for you

Thank you for your booking!

How does this spiritual healing work?

Quite simply at a distance. You send me a recent photo of your horse via WhatsApp. Simply use the button below and send me the word “soul frequency” in advance.

At least one of your horse’s eyes should be clearly visible in the picture. The picture should not be older than 1 year.

I will make spiritual contact with your horse and ask for its consent! Together with the horse I go into deep physical healing and various harmonizations.

Afterwards I will send you a detailed report by voice message.

With written additions to further recommendations – this can be anything from medicinal plants to optimized hoof care!

Because it is important to me to connect the invisible and visible worlds!


Heilwissen der Neuen Pferdewelt

Du willst im Feld der Pferde gigantisches bewegen? Dann bist du in dieser Ausbildung goldrichtig!

Wir starten am 07.02.2024.

Du siehst Dich selbst als Heiler-in? Du willst mehr über das Heilwissen der Neuen Pferdewelt erfahren?

Sei dabei!

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