Welcome to a New Horse World

with Frederike Sophia Maya

Glad you landed here, wonderful soul.

Everything revolves around ...

Healing, soulful living spaces
& divine destiny
in the horse field.

It doesn’t matter whether you are already deeply connected to horses or are new to the equine field.

On this page you are invited,
To create & open new worlds.
To let your Eternal Heart shine.
To activate your human creative powers
& embody your soul potential in the horse world
to embody.

Here you can
remember immortality
– the truth of your life.

Work with Frederike

Healing with horses and for horses.
Living your divine destiny in the field of horses.
Creating soulful living spaces alongside horses.

Your opportunities

A rich offer for your soulful development awaits you

1:1 Mentoring

For your personal quantum leaps

A mentoring experience full of healings, memories, activations and gigantic transformations.

These personal journeys lead you into your deepest grounding & highest consciousness.

It's time to live your divine destiny with horses


Neue Pferdewelt

Hier bekommst du transformative Texte, Einblicke in die kosmischen Zeitqualitäten im Feld der Pferde, Neue Perspektiven & Möglichkeiten in den Feldern Heilung, Lebensräume & Bestimmung leben.

Frederike can be booked as a speaker and author for the following topics:

Frederike loves new opportunities for co-creation in these subject areas that go beyond traditional collaborations, speaker or author activities.

Your request

Would you like to book Frederike as a speaker or author? Or would you like to work with her in another way? Then share your project here and Frederike will get in touch with you.


Heilwissen der Neuen Pferdewelt

Du willst im Feld der Pferde gigantisches bewegen? Dann bist du in dieser Ausbildung goldrichtig!

Wir starten am 07.02.2024.

Du siehst Dich selbst als Heiler-in? Du willst mehr über das Heilwissen der Neuen Pferdewelt erfahren?

Sei dabei!

22.12.2023 UM 19.30 UHR

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