Soul frequency

Spiritual healing for your horse with your horse's soul message for you

Spiritual healings in the light of eternity.

Worldwide – independent of space & time.



More than causal.

More than holistic.

Not an alternative, but a first-class option.


– with every spiritual healing you receive soul messages from your horse.

Because the true connection between human and horse opens up a gigantic healing potential.

The soul messages are addressed to you from the perspective of your horse and relate to why your horse is at your side.

When is spiritual healing useful?

For all physical complaints from chronic to acute (possibly in addition to veterinary measures on site!), for long-term health maintenance, for stabilizing the psyche, for a more harmonious connection to the horse, for the horse to blossom in its most original expressiveness …

Why does spiritual healing work?

Because everything is information. Because the cause of every manifestation (e.g. manifest illness) lies at the level of information & it is precisely this that is harmonized in spiritual healing!

Because we are connected crystal clear through the spiritual level and can work in this field.

Because the horse’s very own self-healing powers are activated by the horse’s souls through the horse’s spiritual speech.

Was ist an diesen Geistigen Heilungen so besonders?

They take place in the light of eternity. In eternal love.

The basis is the harmonization of the horse’s past and the release of foreign energies.

Current cosmic influences and energies of the earth and the horse’s environment are included and harmonized.

Further non-binding recommendations can relate to all areas of the horse’s life, from feeding to hoof care.

Through this healing you will learn so much more about your horse and your connection – yes, there is always more to discover. There are always soul messages coming through with these healings!

We don’t focus on the cause of the illness, but on the cause of the healing!

How does this spiritual healing work?

Quite simply at a distance. I make spiritual contact with your horse & ask for its consent!

Together with the horse, I go into deep physical healing and various harmonizations.

Afterwards I will send you a detailed report by voice message.

With written additions to further recommendations – this can be anything from medicinal plants to optimized hoof care!

Because it is important to me to connect the invisible and visible worlds!

Soul Frequency

Being open-minded & open-hearted for new insights and deep healing is what is required of you.

Would you like to open up this completely new healing possibility for your horse?

It is an honor.

Your Investment: 250€


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